Capital & leverage

Prop firms can provide traders with larger trading accounts and higher leverage ratios than they could obtain on their own

professional tools

Prop firms can provide traders with advanced trading platforms and tools. Software such as NinjaTrader

regulated data

Prop firms provide regulated data through Rithmic and Tradovate, similar to the equities markets. 


Prop firms can provide traders with a trading community, such as chat rooms, forums, blogs, and social media.

Why PDT Rules Suck

Pattern day trading rules are regulations that limit the amount and frequency of day trades that traders can execute in their margin accounts.

Simply put. They suck! If you’re a little guy with limited cash to invest, you are stuck to opening a cash account or trading 3 days in a 5 day period. But! There is a better way. Getting funded through a Futures Prop Firm for Day Trading

The secret of success

Having the necessary capital to become financially free. 

Day trading style

Having a clear and well-defined trading strategy and edge

trading community

Having a talented and diverse team of traders


Having a robust risk management and compliance system


Having access to advanced trading technology and tools

Become a Funded Futures Day Trader TODAY!

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